T3 International Pte Ltd is a professional painting contracting company based in Singapore. We apply ourselves wholeheartedly to offer creative input regarding preparation and will advise on the most suitable painting system for each application. Only high quality paints and products are suggested and this, combined with the expertise and skill of trained and experienced staff, results in a finish of exceptional standards. This is the essence of T3 International Pte Ltd.

We understand that our work will be visible for many years. We believe that our clients deserve the best and that our work is the best form of advertisement, so we approach each paint job with a sense of perfectionism. Over 200 projects for both industrial and residential clients attest to the high calibre of work we deliver. We share our high standards of quality with internationally renowned paint companies Jotun, Kansai, Nippon and Insultec, which is they have certified T3 International Pte Ltd as their authorised applicators.

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